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we'll find out whether he is predicting six more weeks of winter or perhaps an early spring. there are people in both camps. keep your fingers crossed for which ever you are wishing for. >> i wouldn't pack away your long johns just yet. not a weather guy, but that's my thought. super bowl weekend, a party in new orleans. jenna wolfe has spent the past few days. what's going on down in the big easy? >> guys, so much going on down there. this city knows how to do it right. the first time new orleans hosts the super bowl since hurricane katrina. a rashlgab a remarkable job getting this city ready for the thousands converging upon new orleans. the music plays 24 hours a day. a lot of the fans we spoke to. they are divided into three groups, ravens fans, 49ers fans, and people looking for any excuse to be on bourbon street for 24 straight hours. got that?
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we will check in with the harbaugh brothers who will be going up against each other and catch up with some celebrities. so much more coming up. we'll check back in a bit. >> sounds like somebody did an all nighter. >> i think so. for work. had to do it for work, right, jenna? >> toothpicks. am i flurry eyed yet? all for work. >> we'll see you in a bit. in terms of other news, a new milestone for wall street. dow closes for the first time since the financial crisis. what that means for you and your money. >> and a new chapter for hillary clinton. former secretary of state is waking up this morning. probably still sleeping in. without an official job for the first time in 30 years, what's ahead for her. >> and extreme sport. with the death of a snow mobiler at the x games, we'll take a look at whether competitors are pushing the envelope too far. has this become a little too extre
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extreme? a serious long-term relationship for pop superstar taylor swift. not a guy, but diet coke. it's sending the wrong message to younging up fans according to some critics. we begin in alabama. a police standoff, and a 5-year-old held in an underground bunker enters its fifth day. >> reporter: this standoff has dragged on for more than 85 hours. police remain tightlipped. but there is concern from local residents about how the dropping temperatures overnight are affecting the safety of the child. so far, police say that child is unharmed. on friday, investigators released this picture of the suspect. 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes. nbc has confirmed, not only was he in the navy in the '60s, but he earned the vietnam service medal and several other awds. police towed away the school bus
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from the crime scene, it had been there since tuesday afternoon. dykes boarded it, shot and killed the bus driver when he wouldn't hand over a few children. dykes has been holed up in an underground bunker nearby with a 5-year-old boy named ethan with asperg asperger's syndrome. they have lowered medicine and a coloring book for ethan through the pipe. the visitation for the bus driver, who is being called a hero, charles poland jr. is scheduled for later today. local residents are hoping and praying for a peaceful resolution lester. >> thank you. clint van zandt is a former fbi profiler. >> lester, good to be with you. >> this man has a television, we have to be mindful. we don't know what he's watching at this hour, but with that in mind what are the options here? the fact that things are stable?
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is that in itself a good sign? >> it really is my background as a hostage negotiator also, i've been in these situations, and i know the fbi negotiator is working very hard with mr. dykes, trying to extend to him the hand of freedom, trying to offer him the way to come out of this situation. he probably took this little boy hostage, lester, as he was trying to build a defense between him and law enforcement, because he was supposed to go to court last wednesday. well, he has accomplished that. somebody died. i know that negotiators will be trying to minimize that and saying it was a terrible thing. but you may not have wanted that to happen. and what they would like mr. dykes to do is you and i may be talking to him right now, lester, is to come out and tell his side of the story. we have heard neighbors and other people rant and rage and suggest that the type of person he is. we know he's a vietnam veteran that served his country. this is time for him to come
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out, to release that little boy, but for him to stand up and say this is the reason, this is what drove me to this. so i think there are millions of people who are ready to hear what he has to say. >> we've all seen so many movies and tv shows, where after ten minutes, s.w.a.t. teams go storming in. this is a very difficult space. a four foot by six foot long bunker. typically these things end without a raid, do they not? >> 85% or more of standoff situations like this, at least end nonviolently, where the individual -- times sometimes it takes hours, sometimes takes days, but what's positive, we know that the little boy being held, he's being cared for, he has medication. i heard a report suggesting that there was some type of heat source. we know this is underground, so the temperature is going to be relatively stable. now, i'm not making light of
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this for this little boy to be away from his parents going on five days, but the reality is, he has not been hurt. so law enforcement doesn't want anything -- doesn't want to do anything precipitously that could cause anybody to be hurt at this time when the talking cure will likely work in the situation. >> and the term negotiation, i me mean, suggests you give something, you get something back. how far can police go. this man was wanted in the one murder that occurred on the school bus. what are the limitations of negotiators? >> i have been in similar situations, talking to similar gunmen, and you minimize what was done, suggest to mr. dykes that your weapon could have gone off accidentally. somebody could have grabbed at it, you didn't go on the bus to shoot anybody, you were trying to protect your property, you were afraid of the government, you were afraid of the sheriff's office. a lot of people today, have
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those same thoughts and ideas come out and share those ideas. and what the negotiators are trying to do, lester, build the psychological umbilical cord between themselves mr. dykes to the point where he finally feels, okay, i'm safe to come out, and i want to share my information, i want to make a statement, i want people to hear my side of it, part and parcel of that, both of them coming out safe. >> clint, you bring some expert insight. appreciate you coming on this morning, whoep for a succee hop successful and safe outcome. if you have any money in stocks, you may be feeling a little better about it this morning. maybe a smile on your face. dow finished the day over the 14,000 mark for the first time since the fall of 2007. tom costello explains why. a big rally on wall street friday with the dow back over 14,000. a lot has changed since the last
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time it crossed that mark, on october 12, 2007. within a year, lehmann brothers and bear stearns had failed. housing prices went off a cliff. and the unemployment rate went from 4.7% to 10% before falling back to 1now. >> 80% of the people we saw had been out of work for three months up to two years. >> reporter: julie onberg has been out of work for 16 months. >> my last job was front desk at a pain management company, and just -- i actually got sick. and couldn't be there any longer. >> reporter: nationwide, 12 million americans are still out of work. >> 7.9% unemployment, simply not good enough. wages don't rise, older folks don't see enough stock market gains to retire, not enough jobs
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for young people leaving school. >> reporter: the jobs picture slowly improving, a different story on wall street. after bottoming out four years ago, the dow has since climbed 111%. cnn has seen a mood shift on wall street. the economy is slowly improving, not fast enough for a lot of people. unemployment too high. some key economic indicators are getting better. what's going right? manufacturing and construction activity picked up. the unemployment rate edged up to 7.9% in january, we learned that more jobs added in 2012 than first reported. fear of a financial crisis is lessening. back in portland, julie's job hunt is now over. >> i got the job! >> reporter: one more piece of economic news. gas prizes moving to the upside and fast. up 13 cents in a week. up 20 cents in a month but, of course, you will pay more if you
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are in california or the great lakes or the east coast. for "today," tom costello, nbc washington. time to get a check of the day's other top stories. >> with jenna in new orleans, tom is filling in. good morning, everyone. we start with another attempt to rein in iran's nuclear ambitions. vice president joe biden says that the u.s. is ready to hold talks, but only if tehran is serious. biden says there is type for diplomacy to succeed, but it needs to and the iran built a new fighter jet which it claims can evade radar. there is a growing self-reliance in military technology. in this country, another online hacker attack. twitter says it quickly shut down at least one attempt to gain access to user data, but
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hackers may have collected information on 250,000 of more than 200 million active users, including user names, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords it reset passwords and sent them e-mails telling them to create a new one and encourages users to change passwords regardless of their account is compromised. the scottish terrier affectionately known as barney, george bush's beloved dog has died at the age of 12. the statement on president bush's facebook page. barney never discussed politics and was a faithful friend. and the usda is proposing a new set of rules which would ban candy, high-calorie sports drinks and greasy food sold on school campuses. not a football fan?
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another bowl you might enjoy on sunday. puppy bowl, animal planet's take on the big day. shelter puppies take part in the big game. if dogs aren't your thing, you might enjoy the kitty halftime show. we spoke to animal planet this morning and good news. none of those puppies, none of those kitties have failed any drug test. no doping in the puppy bowl. >> talk about that. >> rumors, especially with the white lab, his name is pearl. >> pearl i've heard. i'm happy you cleared that up for us. dylan dreyer with the first check of the forecast. i tried to give your forecast with groundhog day. i have no idea. >> i don't think phil knows what's going on either. because 126 years, 15 times he hasn't seen his shadow, and i just -- i think most of the time it's cloudy. i don't know what's going on here. but this year too it's cloudy, flurries, about 8 degrees in punxsutawney, pennsylvania, and
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i'm just putting out there. i think he'll see his shadow. don't know if it has to do with lights or what's going on. he makes the call later this morning. across the country, windchills down around zero and below zero. northern minnesota, feels like 15 degrees below zero right now. and won't warm up much in afternoon. snow showers across indiana and into ohio. into kentucky. we could end up seeing a couple inches of snow. west virginia, ends up with 3 to 6 inches, west looks good. pretty mild in the rockies today with highs in good morning from nbc bay area weather center this morning. i'm anthony slaughter. temperatures starting off to 50 in most locations our cool spots often to the east and north bay. today another bright day is on the way. we are cloudy now but after 11:00, beautiful sunshine, for
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groundhog today bright conditions and tomorrow hoping for a win for our super bowl sunday, go 49ers! >> that's the latest. >> thanks. the most traveled secretary of state in u.s. history is jobless today for the first time in decades. former secretary of state hillary clinton received a warm sendoff in washington on friday. and while her political future may be in question, one thing is certain -- her short-term plans include a lot of rest. kristin welker is at the white house with more. good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning you to. that's right, clinton has joked about looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. this after visiting more than 100 countries, earning praise and some criticism along the way. secretary of state hillary clinton starting a new chapter in her storied life. >> i cannot fully express how grateful i am to those with whom
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i have spent many hours here in washington, around the world, and in airplanes. [ laughter ] >> reporter: clinton spent a lot of time on airplanes, traveling more than a million miles from overseeing a shift toward democracy in myanmar to helping to broker a cease-fire last year when tensions flared between israel and hamas. the final weeks of her tenure were rocky when she testified on capitol hill about the attack against the u.s. consulate in benghazi. foreign policy experts say she didn't have one signature achievement, but she did leave a mark. >> on balance, i think that she's notable for a steadiness, for a relatively error-free period, for extremely loyal service to the president. >> reporter: her journey to secretary of state was somewhat improbable.
5:16 am
from the white house as first lady to a senate to a tough campaign against her now-former boss. >> i was a big admirer of hillary's before our primary battles. >> if the roles had been reversed and i had ended up winning, i would have desperately wanted him to be in my cabinet. so if i'm saying i would have wanted him to say yes to me, how am i going to justify saying no to my president? >> reporter: while today she can sleep in, clinton's next move is a mystery. she joked to "the new york times" in november, "maybe i'll get a decorating show." the speck blaulation about a wh house run in 2016 has begun in earnest. >> for the foreseeable future, i don't think that i will be at all political because there's so much else i need to do. >> reporter: now sources close to clinton tell me she really hasn't made up her mind about whether or not she'll run in 2016. it's certainly one of the options on the table. they say right now she's just focused on get something rest. lester? >> thank you. now, 18 minutes after the
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hour. here's erica. >> thanks. if you're one of the millions of people who struggle with your weight, new findings show the problem may not be you. turns out some commonly held beliefs about what it takes to slim down and stay that way are wrong. that's according to a report published in the "new england journal of medicine." dr. lori maska is director of cardiology at new york presbyterian hospital. nice to see you. it's always nice to know it's not our fault, right? >> absolutely. >> let's look at some of these commonly held beliefs. and find out whether or not they're true. we hear a lot that a rapid weight loss doesn't stick. if you lose that 100 pounds, chances are you're putting it back on right away, and this can lead to yo-yo dieting s. that true? >> a lot of research stems back to the 1960s when rapid weight loss had some adverse associations with it. so doctors tend to recommend slower weight loss. but new research really shows that there's tremendous individual variability. and actually some people that have rapid weight loss actually sustain it much longer than
5:18 am
those who do not. in fact, i have to tell you in my clinical practice, it really helps people to get a jump-start. you know, they feel good. they get that positive feedback. and they can stay with the program a little bit longer. >> it's a great motivator personally and when you hear feedback from other people. a lot of times you're told you should set realistic weight loss goals. even if you have to lose 50 pounds, maybe start out with 25 so it doesn't feel so overwhelming. >> right. and i have to confess, i'm a person that has always promoted realistic goals amongst my patients. but we are a high achieving society. we're all individuals and many of us respond to raising that bar higher. we don't treat our kids all the same, our patients the same, athletes the same. people are motivated in different ways. don't be discouraged. you know, if you really want to set a high goal for yourself, go for it. you might actually be very successful. >> all right. also, there's a lot of talk about gym class or physical education in schools which we've
5:19 am
seen cut in a lot of school districts because of budget issues. there's a belief that these classes can actually lead to weight loss. i find that surprising. >> well, i'm concerned about this myth. i think that we have to keep in mind and underscore the -- that gym class in their current form, they're not like in the old days when you got to play. many of our physical education classes now are filled with learning rules, writing about how you feel about this sport, you know, we need to ingrain habits in kids early. and even though our research doesn't show that the current form of physical education classes is associated with weight loss, it's not sensitive enough to see the changes in body composition. more importantly, erica, it builds confidence in kids to actually have lifelong habits of physical activity. so we have to keep in mind what our end goal here is. >> that's what's important, to instill that goal in kids. just to get moving every day so they carry it through their adult life. >> absolutely.
5:20 am
as you know, it's a lifelong struggle for many people trying to lose weight. >> in terms of getting moving. there's talk about whether sex is a good workout. a good calorie burner. what is the verdict? >> right. it turns out that sex doesn't burn a lot of calories. and this is really in line with a lot of recent research dispelling old myths that we need a lot of high-intensity, short bursts of activity. what we're seeing now is in order to lose weight, we need long, duration, high intensity. the average person, a sexual bout is six minutes. if this is your form of physical activity for six minutes, you have to increase the time you spend. >> we'll have to leave it there. nice to have you with us this morning. >> my pleasure. thanks. still to come, it is groundhog day. will punxsutawney phil see his shadow? find out if we're in for an early spring. and look at one commercial deem toad sexy for its own good. it's its star, supermodel kate upton, will answer critics live.
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still to come, the man behind the manti te'o hoax talks about his painful past shen whether that was his -- past and whether that was his voice on the tape. are extreme athletes pushing the boundaries too faf? we're back after these messages.
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good morning to you, looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza on what is a mild start to the day, at least in the south bay. let's check out the rest of the forecast, i'm kris sanchez along with anthony slaughter, in for
5:25 am
rob mayeda and it's going to be a beautiful weekend to stay indoors tomorrow, right? >> or outdoors, you can really do anything. last week, pull the couch outside and watch the super bowl outside. >> that's true. >> you can do that. we're a little cloudy this morning, we'll be dry today and tomorrow so if you have any outdoor or indoor plans the weather will cooperate. near 50 in vun sunnyvale. we're starting off mild considering the cloud cover overhead, mid-60s today, a few degrees a s off of where we wer yesterday. did you know today was groundhog day, chris. >> what's going to happen? >> i don't know, maybe we'll repeat this day tomorrow and the next day and the next day. did you see that movie? >> yes. bill murray, one of my favorites. thank you very much, anthony. see you in a bit. oakland police are investigating a shooting that left one person dead and another person hurt. the shooting happened around
5:26 am
11:00 last night near the intersection of 23rd street and telegraph avenue, not far from the oakland art murmur gallery walk. police say the victim died at the scene. another person was hurt in the shooting and was taken to a nearby hospital. that victim's condition is not known at this time. as of now there are no suspects and no motive. we are expected to learn more later today about the suspicious death of a teenage girl found naked, lying in a fairfield park. right now police are not releasing her name or her exact age but say she went to school in suisun city thursday and never found her way home. fairfield police say a park goer found the unclothed girl's body around 6:45 friday morning near the park's parking lot. it took an autopsy to identify the teenager and police are investigating the girl's death as a homicide. officers in suisun city spent thursday night looking for the
5:27 am
girl after she was reported missing by a guardian. parents around the community say they are stunned. >> oh my god, i could just imagine if it was one of my own, and it being so close to where we live and our daughter goes to school with them. when we're strict with them they know why, that can happen. >> police will release more information and the circumstances surrounding her death after proper family notification. right now police say there are no suspects in the case. and we want to take another look at that seven-day forecast because we know that your weekend weather is important to you. >> yes, very important weekend across the bay area. what would be awesome by this time tomorrow, really be able to fill wh feel what is it, the calm before the storm. clouds this morning, sunshine this afternoon. mid-60s today and tomorrow. there will be a storm system that gives us rain late in the week thursday and friday but i think everybody's mind is right now on the super bowl. >> we'll have your super bowl coverage at 7:00 and more local
5:28 am
news coming up for you right here in just 30 minutes. we are back on this saturday morning, february 2, 2013, with breaking news to report. as you know, it is groundhog day. punxsutawney phil weighing in just moments ago -- our good friend did not see his shadow.
5:29 am
so we could be in for an early spring. >> no -- i think if he doesn't see his shadow, then we are in for an early spring, isn't that -- >> well, in theory if he doesn't see his shadow, we are. i think if we look at the track record, it may not always add up. therefore, we've added a modfire to make sure that our bases are covered. >> dylan will have the opposing view. >> she'll have the more official weigh-in for us. a big day, groundhog day. there you go. spring, bring it on. i'm erica hill alongside lester holt. coming up, did the man behind the manti te'o hoax also supply the voice in those voicemail messages we heard that seemed to have been left by a bottom? dr. phil had experts analyze the voice mails against the voice of the hoaxer it. we' -- hoaxter. we'll have a closer look. and we'll talk about the person behind the hoax, at his past,
5:30 am
just ahead. was this an accident waiting to happen? a snowmobiler died in a tragic accident this week at the x-games. just the latest in a series of accidents by competitors looking to push the boundaries. can anything be done to protect these athletes from themselves? we'll take a closer look. and then we'll switch gears. talking about a racy amptd people are calling it -- for mercedes-benz. indicate justice departmenton seen in provocative, racy -- kate upton seen in a provocative, racy ad. the question, is it too sex? we'll ask the supermodel what she msnbc a live interviewer coming up this morning. plus, the super bowl of sibling rivalries, john and jim harbaugh are the first brothers to ever meet in the super bowl as head coaches. hear what they had to say about the match-up and the role their mother is playing. one proud mother. >> very proud mom. yes. we want to begin with the latest chapter in the manti te'o girlfriend hoax. the man behind the deception is now explaining why he did it and
5:31 am
how. here's nbc's kristen dahlgren. i don't want to be. >> reporter: as ronaiah tuiasosopo, the man behind the manti te'o hoax, answered dr. phil's questions -- >> people say, does he have any feel being this, the truth is i hurt every day from the decisions i made. >> reporter: he admitted he was motivated to create the fake girlfriend because of his own romantic love for the football star and a painful past. >> i want to talk about why you felt moved to create an alter e ego. >> it went through what i went through as a child. >> reporter: it took the tv psychologist several tries to get an answer to one of most perplexing questions -- was it really tuiasosopo alone who left the voice dmalmails. >> i want the truth.
5:32 am
>> reporter: he first went behind a screen to do the voice. >> i love you so much, sweet dreams. >> reporter: the show was analyzed by experts. >> 87%, 40%, 48%. not conclusive. >> reporter: they sent a producer to tuiasosopo's house where he said he made the calls in private. whe with the producer's phone he recorded this. >> sweet dreams. >> this time there was no question -- match, match, match. >> reporter: perhaps conclusive proof. but for many, still not enough. even with this public apology to manti te'o. >> i can never express how sorry i am. >> reporter: for what appears to be simply a cruel hoax that fooled a young star and has fascinated a nation. for "today," kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. now here's erica. >> thanks. some people saying, hey, this was bound to happen. the death of an extreme sports competitor. unfortunately, it did happen this week at the x-games. it is raising a question again
5:33 am
-- are these extreme athletes going too far in the name of entertainment? that story from michelle franzen. >> reporter: in the world of extremes, caleb moore was living his dream. the action sports athlete was a rising star in the x-games. defying gravity with his fearless moves as a freestyle snowmobile rider. the 25-year-old won four x-games medals in his short career. but on january 24, an accident during competition in aspen left caleb injured on the course. >> they said it was a fluke. >> reporter: denver post"' writer jason blevins was there. >> got up, he was unconscious, and they treated him. he walked to the batallions. >> reporter: one week later, caleb died from complications from the crash. he is the first athlete to die during competition in the 18-year history of the x-games,
5:34 am
produced by espn. in a statement, the network offered its condolences. "we are deeply saddened by caleb moore's passing, and our thoughts and prayers go out to his parents." the sports network underscored its commitment to ensure athletes' safety. "as a result of this accident, we will conduct a thorough review of this discipline and adopt any appropriate changes to future x games." extreme sports has grown in popularity over the years as athletes push the envelope, striving to master new tricks. >> there is no going backwards. we don't see tricks leveling off. every year the craziest things are happening. >> reporter: last january, four-time x games gold medalist champion freestyle skier and super pipe pioneer sarah burke, died after a training accident. >> ho! >> reporter: and in 2007, skateboarder jake brown, known as the comeback kid, after sustaining injuries from his crash at the summer x games.
5:35 am
despite the accidents and moore's death, experts say the daredevil sports are here to stay as athletes court fame, fans, and flirt with disaster. >> these guys are going bigger and bigger. and when you push yourself like that and pushing each other like that, that's when things go wrong eventually. >> reporter: for "today," michelle franzen, nbc news, new york. >> dylan is out on the plaza a. let's get a check of the weather. good morning. good morning, everyone. you know, today we are talking about groundhog day, but where it feels like winter, it is going to stick around for a little bit of time. we've got these quick moving systems that moved through. and you see the winter weather advisories posted all across the pittsburgh area, down into southern my. this will spread eastward into -- southern ohio. this will spread eastward into west virginia. it's a quick moving system, but storms produce two to four inches of snow in a quick burst. then we are looking for the chance of maybe up to three to six inches in west virginia.
5:36 am
so that snow is going to slowly move into the northeast as we go into tomorrow. it weakens a lot. out in the rockies, looking at highs today in the 50s. and it does look nice on the west coast, as well. just a little cloudy. good morning from the nbc bay area weather center this morning, i'm anthony slaughter. temperatures not too bad, we're close to 50 degrees in many locations, cooler in our east bay and north bay locations otherwise starting off cloudy. we're going to see a good mix of sun and clouds today but temperatures will be a few degrees cooler than yesterday. 61 in san francisco, 64 in san jose today. now clouds will be on the increase through the day today, another bright day for super bowl sunday tomorrow as our 49ers take it on and we are tracking rain as we head towards thursday and friday. i thought we were just celebrating groundhog day today, but there are 6th birthdays, 7th birthdays, and a 50th anniversary. 50 years of marriage. congratulations. lester and erica? >> congratulations, as well. dylan, thanks. still to come, david beckham
5:37 am
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a mercedes-benz is hard to upstage, but model kate upton may have done it. ♪ snen snend . >> you missed a spot. >> the ad viewed more than 7 million times on youtube, but is it too sexy? kate upton and steve canon, president and ceo of mercedes-benz join us from new orleans. good morning to both of you. thank you for coming on. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> you heard the criticism. the parents television council
5:41 am
says it's too sexual and object p objectifies women. give us your take. >> i don't see how it's inappropriate. i'm not even actually washing the car. >> is it something you are proud of? >> yes, of course i'm proud of it. i'm proud of being a part of the brand. it's such an amazing brand, and it's a symbol of luxury and then now they have this new beautiful car, the cla, that's affordable and sexy for a younger generation. >> i can see why they hired you as pitch person. you did perfectly there. steve, let me ask you, any company would die for the buzz that this ad is creating. i don't know if you necessarily like the controversy part of it. give us your thoughts? >> it certainly created conversation. conversation is good. we think this is inbounds. we try not to take ourselves too seriously. we wanted to have a little fun, and we think we did that with
5:42 am
this spot. this isn't our super bowl spot. this just was a viral video. and kate has had great impact. >> i did not upstage this car. >> a lot of impact. but have you ever seen one of those commercials so good, so funny, so interesting, you forget what the product is. are you concern thad kate hed t upstaged your car? >> not at all. mercedes-benz is a pretty strong brand. at the end of the day, we think getting noticed, having a little conversation before the super bowl, pushing the boundaries of our brand. try to reach out to a newer generation with the cla that we're launching. we think this does all of that. >> kate, you don't actually wash the car in this ad. do you even own a car? >> i don't. i live in new york city. and so i don't own a car. but if i did, i would definitely
5:43 am
want the cla. it's funny, when i first read the script, i am like i really wouldn't be washing my car, so -- >> would we see something similar of you in the actual ad or a totally different ad? >> no, the ad is totally different. i think why the video got so much attention, people thought it was the leaked commercial. but really the commercial is completely different. >> we'll end it there. kate upton and steve canon, thank you for getting up early. and enjoy the game tomorrow. >> thank you. >> thanks, lester. up next, sibling rivalry, jim and john harbaugh speak out as the head coaches square off at the super bowl. right after this. ever. nurses are dealing with a wider range of issues. and there are ever-changing regulations. when you see these challenges, do you want to back away or take charge?
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5:46 am
the words sibling rivalry have taken on a whole new meaning because of tomorrow's super bowl when head coaches john and jim harbaugh lead their teams to sport's biggest stage. they talked to the media on friday, they did it together. jenna wolfe is at the super bowl with more on that. >> good morning, again. they are brothers first and coaches second, although this sunday that line may be blurred
5:47 am
a bit. they used to share a bedroom when they were kids and yesterday they shared the spotlight. unprecedented event. two coaches sat side by side. john in the suit and tie. jim, only 15 months his junior, a more casual look. very different personalities, the two of them. they spent the last two weeks deflecting away questions about each other. there is one member of the harbaugh family they were more than happy to talk about. mom. >> there is nobody in the family that has more competitive fire than my mother, and she competes like a maniac, i learned number one that is that. she has always believed in us and i think that's the most important thing to me, that she believed in me and john and joanie, and took us to games. >> so afterward, they talked about the family and it was really cute. snapped this great picture with
5:48 am
grandpa joe. the whole family tree. really nice for the media to see. snapped the photo with the lombardi trophy which one of them hopes to be holding after super bowul wl 47 randy meiexlv. parents will root for both. it's fun, people are talking about it. guys. >> just root for a harbaugh, right, jenna? >> can't lose if you root for a harbaugh. >> i love that grandpa was in on the action. >> parents there, kids are there, grandpa is there. who cares about us? the harbaughs are going to come watch this game on sunday. a nice family affair. >> all right, jenna, thanks. ahead, much more on the super bowl. like the average ticket price? turns out it's $3,400. we'll break down some of the other numbers to the big game. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
5:49 am
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5:51 am
still to come on "today," the latest on the tense standoff in alabama. what are police going to do to try to get the 5-year-old boy he's holding captive? a new relationship for taylor swift. some say it's a bad fit with her young fans. first, these messages. hey, hon! what are you doing? getting ready for the game. what game? the big game. today's wednesday.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
good morning. san jose looking just a little bit like san francisco this morning with a little bit of fog there in the distance. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist anthony slaughter and will that little bit of fog
5:55 am
stick around? >> at least for the morning hours. we're going to be foggy and cloudy until about 9:00, 10:00, depending on where you live at, at the coast. fog will stick around midday. lots of cloud cover surged in from our tropical moisture from the south. we're not expecting to see any rain but this area of cloud cover has kept us quite mild. we're at 50 degrees in sunnyvale, 49 in san jose. little bit cooler in the inland valleys, 42 in livermore, 41 in concord, 41 in santa rosa. later today we'll be a few degrees cooler than we were yesterday, a few of us got into the 70s today, the warmest spots will get close to the 69 in gilroy, 67 in almond valley, 67 in los gatos as well. at the coast san francisco 61, not too bad. grab a jacket this morning, not as warm as it was yesterday but today and tomorrow are going to be bright days once we get into the afternoon hours and mid-60s, not too bad for this time of year, that is above average by the way. >> all right, we'll take it. thank you very much. new this morning, oakland police are investigating a shooting in which one person was
5:56 am
killed and another one injured. the shooting happened around 11:00 last night near the intersection of 23rd street and telegraph avenue not far from the oakland art murmur gallery work. police say the victim died at the scene. another person was hurt in the shooting and taken to a nearby hospital. that person's condition is not known at this time. now as of now, there are no suspects and no motive. we are expecting to learn more later today about the suspicious death of a teenaged girl who was found naked, lying in a fairfield park. right now police are not releasing her name or exact age but they do say she went to school in suisun city on thursday and then never made it home. her body was found in alan witt park yesterday morning. park goer found her around 6:45 friday morning near the park's parking lot. it took an autopsy to identify the teen.
5:57 am
officers spent thursday night looking for the girl after she was reported missing by a guardian. parents around the community say they are stunned. >> oh my god, i could just imagine if it was one of my own, and it being so close to where we live and our daughter goes to school with them. when we're strict with them they know why now, what can happen. >> police will release more information about the girl and the circumstances surrounding her death after proper family notification. right now police say there are no suspects in the case. coming this mrng morning on "today in the bay" our complete coverage of the 49ers and their quest for six continues. we'll take you live for the showdown and introduce you to the man who has never missed a super bowl, why he says he doesn't plan on breaking that perfect attendance streak any time soon. right now the focus is on new orleans but in a few years the super bowl could be here in the bay area. we investigate the impact the
5:58 am
49ers new stadium to have on travelers flying to and from san jose. welcome back to "today," saturday, 2nd day of february, 2013. great shot of lady liberty. ground hog day. a cold day in new york city.
5:59 am
but we may soon be in for a change. punxsutawney. >> punxsutawney phil. >> punxsutawney phil, an early spring. >> a guyha a guy. >> i'm lester holt with erica hill. coming up, super bowl weekend is here. big easy celebrating the big game. never need a reason to party in new orleans. >> no, not really. >> the city going all out. doesn't it always go all out? >> taking it to a new level i think. >> a melting pot of sports, entertainment, politics as thousands of football fans flock there for the super bowl. jenna live from new orleans. we'll check in with her in a few minutes. plus, a 30-second spot for the super bowl this year will cost you $4 million. a bargain. a look at the big game by the big numbers and they are large. >> ask soccer star david beckham taking talents to paris, and what he's doing with his paycheck that has people talking.
6:00 am
>> taylor swift taking on a new role, but hitting the wrong notes with some people, concerned it could send the wrong message to young fans. we'll tell you why critics are weighing in on the star. >> another reason they are calling her a popstar now, because what she is endorsing. alicia keys will tackle the star-spangled banner at the super bowl. she will do fabulous. why do so many singers have a hard time with the "star spangled banner." >> it's really difficult. >> you have to start really low to get to that high note. that coming up. we get started with the latest on the tense standoff in alabama. a man holding a 5-year-old hostage in an underground bunker. david gutierrez at the scene in midland city. >> good morning. mourners are preparing to remember the school bus driver shot and killed tuesday afternoon. this as the standoff drags on for more than 85 hours. police appear willing to wait this one out.
6:01 am
as police towed the school bus from the crime scene friday, investigators released the first picture of the man they say is responsible. 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes. the man believed to be holding hostage a boy with asperger's syndrome named ethan in an underground bunker. >> he has supplies there and food there, but this is a young child, 5 years only has he got food that this child will eat? >> reporter: nbc news confirmed dykes served more than four years in the u.s. navy in the '60s and earned several awards, including a meritorious unit commendation, good conduct medal and vietnam service medal. but on tuesday, those honors seemed very far away. police say dykes boarded a stopped school bus and demanded two random young children. when the bus driver refused, police say dykes shot and killed him. made off with 5-year-old ethan. kelly miller says her kids got
6:02 am
off that bus right before the shooting. >> i cannot believe -- if he got on that bus with the intentions of grabbing a 6 to 8-year-old, he let them clear the bus before this happened. >> reporter: visitation for the bus driver, charles poland jr., is scheduled for later today. his family says he loved his job, died a hero. >> every time a child got on my dad's bus, he considered them his children. and i know that's the reason why dad took those shots for those children, just like he would do for me and my sister. >> reporter: that pain is being felt throughout this town of 2,300 people. schools were closed most of the week. >> i think it's crazy it's happening so close to home. >> as soon as we pray, we already believe that prayer will come true. >> reporter: every night, there are multiple prayer vigils here. ♪ >> reporter: prayers for a young
6:03 am
boy, still trapped in a bunker. prayers for the man who did everything he could to save him. that bunker is believed to be equipped with electricity and a television. police have been talking with the suspect through a ventilation pipe and able to drop medicine and coloring books for the child. it's unclear how o they are communicating with him. erica. >> thank you. the morning's other top stories from tom llamas in for jenna. vice president joe biden says there is still time for diplomacy with iran. the vice president is in munich this morning for an international security conference and told the group that iran needs to show good faith efforts to show concern over its nuclear ambitions. and the pals gates of embattled president mohamed morsi.
6:04 am
they have been crashing with security forces. opposition forces are trying to link opposition forces, but some want him removed from office. in turkey, security tightened at the u.s. embassy in ankara, it was called an act of terrorism after a suicide bomber killed themselves and a turkish guard. the bomber was a member of the far left group designed as a terror organization by the united states and european union. those three stories are examples of the overseas challenges that john kerry will face. sworn in friday with his wife, daughter and brother by his side. he's anxious to get to work on monday morning. outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton joked she would spend this morning sleeping in. twitter is warning users that a quarter million of them may have been hacked. the social media giant confirmed that hackers accessed 250,000 user names, e-mail addresses and
6:05 am
encrypted versions of passwords. users have been notifiedful. ann encouraging jobs numbes helped drive the dow to a new high. anheuser-busch, well known for clydesdale commercials, this one features a week-old clydesdale foal. it doesn't have its name. but anheuser is encouraging it to go to twitter and name the foal. any suggestions? >> no competition there. lester. >> all right. >> are all right, guys. dylan dreyer with a check of the forecast. >> the groundhog has proved me yet again. he did see his shadow -- no.
6:06 am
he did not see his shadow. so we -- he messes me up. we'll get spring early. that's all you need to know. winter will end six weeks early this year, according to him. we are looking at pretty cold temperatures, we've got temps below zero and well below zero across minnesota. we have temps only in the 20s in the northeast. warmest stuff down across the south coast where we'll see temperatures close to 80 degrees. and we'll deal with a little bit of light snow through ohio. and that will move into west virginia later on this afternoon, looks like we'll pick up two to four inches, west virginia and the mountains could good morning from the nbc bay area weather center. i'm anthony slaughter. temperatures not too bad, close to 50 degrees in many locations, coolest spots in the east bay anne north bay where we have 40s. we have cloud overhead and a little bit of fog, through the morning hours it will clear out and this afternoon a mix of sun and clouds. 611 san francisco, 63 in san
6:07 am
francisco, 69 in fremont. tomorrow a bright day for the super bowl. monday, tuesday and wednesday clouds and cooling with rain by thursday. >> and that is your latest forecast. lester and erica? >> dylan, thanks. it is, of course, super bowl weekend. and along with the 49ers and the ravens, the city of new orleans is taking center stage. >> jenna has been there all week long soaking it in. jenna, good morning again. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you again. look, new orleans must be doing something right if the super bowl keeps coming back here. fans, all types of fans follow suit. what you have is the big easy on the big stage. ♪ >> reporter: if any city knows how to throw a party, it's the big easy. from jambalaya to jazz. this, too, is a city that never sleeps. >> go ravens! >> reporter: this weekend, the city is welcoming football fans of all sizes, stripes, and
6:08 am
whatever pattern this guy is wearing. is this ravens' attire, weird 49er attire? going to clown school? >> mardi gras time, a week out. i am pulling for the ravens. >> reporter: guys, stupid question. who are you rooting for? >> ravens! >> let's go, niners! >> reporter: how many drinks have you had already today? >> first drink. >> reporter: it's only 9:00 a.m., so the day's still young, my friends. >> let's go, niners! >> reporter: such divisive devotion. can't we all share a little of that new orleans hospitality? if you're looking to take a bite out of your culinary bucket list, you've come to the right place. >> you can't think of new orleans without thinking seafood. >> reporter: famed new orleans chef john besch showed me how to make the perfect po boy
6:09 am
sandwich. >> french bread. >> reporter: veggies, toppings, oysters for a tower of taste. that's really good. >> she loves it. jenna loves it. >> reporter: first time. and when it's time to satisfy a sweet tooth -- >> cheers. this melts in your mouth. >> reporter: there's nothing like the beignets at cafe du monde. in the meantime, all around town, big names are turning up for the big game like tracy morgan. can you predict how it is going to go? i mean -- >> i don't make predictions, but i'm going 42-17. oh maybe -- >> reporter: that's a guess? >> me personally -- that's a guess. i would like it to be 21-21 at the half. >> reporter: and tennis star andy roddick. you have a team that you're rooting for this sunday? >> you know what, i -- i'm choosing the 49ers to win. which should please baltimore fans because i -- >> reporter: are you bad at this? >> i have bet against the ravens three weeks in a row, and they have been taking out their anger on my wallet. >> reporter: if you're still not convinced new orleans is the place to be, just ask ragin'
6:10 am
cajun james carville. >> everybody else comes from a city. we come from a culture. this is a culture. its own music, body of a architects. i want people to see this is the greatest super bowl ever. >> reporter: james, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> i'm bouncing off the walls. >> reporter: okay. so you guys know, that was ten minutes before his first cup of coffee. you can only imagine. i will tell you this -- it has been a caloric roller coaster for me down here. food is coming in at all angles. and being offered up. i have yet to say no. so we are -- if a diet is your thing, new orleans may not be your place. we are having a blast. i just want you to know. and coming up, i got you guys all a little something-something around here. a few gifts that i'm going to bring back. i'll show you next time i see you. don't say i never did anything for you. >> beignets for me -- >> you're getting requests.
6:11 am
>> reporter: they'll wait a week. they'll be great as soon as i get back. you're good to go. >> a little stale. see you in a bit. and as you heard, new orleans packed, of course, with football fans. it's the numbers behind the big gham are simply staggering. >> that they are. we have more from new orleans. good morning. >> reporter: erica and lester, good morning to you. when people talk it the super bowl, they tend to use adjectives that are pretty generic. the crowds are enormous or the commercials are outrageously expensive. what are the actual numbers? well, get out your calculator because here's a guide to your super bowl specifics. by the numbers, it's the 47th super bowl and the 10th hosted by new orleans. a city that knows how to party. >> go, ravens! >> go, niners! >> reporter: the french quarter is already busy. on sunday, pack your patience. some 150,000 fans will fill the city. 73,000 will have coveted seats in the superdome. and even the nosebleeds aren't
6:12 am
cheap. the average ticket price -- $3,400. the rest will hit nola's big screened hot spots for their game day fix. some are bunking not in a hotel but at the r.v. resort in the french quarter. yes, it exists. at 600 people, it's as full as it can get. they're not partial to east or west coast or jim or john harbaugh here. it's an equal-opportunity fan club. >> i'm rooting for the 49ers. and mike -- >> i'm rooting for the ravens. >> reporter: for those nowhere near the big easy, it will be easy to watch the game. from a front row seat to their flat screen. the most watched event of the year was seen last year by 111.3 million people. some just for the commercials. this year, 30 seconds goes for a cool $4 million. the 2010 commercials were such a bargain. only $2.65 million. of course you're eating while
6:13 am
you're watching. chicken wing are a favorite, and experts say some 1.25 billion will be consumed this weekend. the super bowl parties, if you received an invite, plan on an average of 17 of 10 ds. then there's this number -- zero. that's what beyonce is earning, or isn't, for her performance sunday. not a dime. while the nfl covers production costs of putting on the show for the star, there's no check in the mail. yeah, so what's the production cost? those can add up. that can be private air fare to get here, transportation for all the singers, hotels, meals, bringing in the speakers, that can reach a couple of hundred thousand dollars. that said, beyonce's probably not worried about not getting a paycheck for this. >> probably going to be okay i think. i'm going to go out on a limb. i'm more comfortable predicting that than i would be the outcome of the game. >> reporter: me, too.
6:14 am
good call, girlfriend. >> you know, the super bowl starts at the same time that i start nightly news tomorrow. i'm starting a campaign, asking everyone to dvr the game and watch me live. >> i think you know what i'll be watching. >> how do you think that's going to work out? >> i think it's working really well. you don't want to see the first half-hour. come on. learn what's going on in the world first. >> just fast forward. >> you just want to see the end and the commercials. still to to come -- ♪ what so proudly we held >> okay. close. our national anthem, is the lyrics, the notes, why do so many people struggle with it? next, david beckham signs with a new team and scores big when it comes to his charity work. more after these messages. an ecm that's anything like the bering sea. ♪ the cold-water climate, it's a habitat for quality fish to come out of this ocean. ♪ this is wild fish.
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6:17 am
another big move for global soccer star david beckham. his next stop for his illustrious career -- paris. the 37-year-old just signed a five-month contract with a team in the city of lights. get this -- he really is playing for the love of the game. we have details. >> reporter: yes, it is david beckham, global icon -- >> reporter: he may have been passed ever to play for his country in the olympics even after help bring the games to london. he may be 37, in a sport where your prime is considered a decade younger. in paris, david beckham announced the news with trademark humility. his storied soccer career has caught another wind for up and coming team paris san germane. >> i got offered a lot of offers, more offers than than i've had in my career. >> reporter: he ended his contract with the champion l.a. galaxy and moved with his wife
6:18 am
and four children. >> i want to play for as long as possible. >> reporter: a career full of endorsements. even modeling. sports analysts say he'll be paid some half a million dollars a game. he's donating it all to a children's charity. he really can still bend it. >> he can dip it. he can curve it around players. or he can pass the ball 40, 50, 60 yards, to within an inch of where he meant to do it. >> reporter: that kind of magic on the field combined with a dose of celebrity has been an inspiration to young players around the world. the movie "bend it like beckham" came out 11 years ago. they still idolize him. >> just the way he plays and how humble he is. >> what he's achieve sudden what i would want to achieve. >> reporter: for the love of the game, beckham says he'll likely live in a hotel. his family will stay in london, and they'll visit. they may take paris by storm as they did l.a. >> you're not allowed to drive with this in california.
6:19 am
>> i'm just -- >> reporter: he's called a spice boy or third hand rolls royce, there's no lack of questions -- >> the oldest squad in the french league. and actually you will be the oldest player in our league. how does it feel to be the grandpa of the league? >> it feels very good. it feels very good. no matter what my age is, i still feel 21 years old most days. >> reporter: for "today," nbc news, london. >> grandpa at 37. ahead, we are moving into the kitchen for a little more comfort cooking. a dish very close to my heart, one i learned from my dad. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
6:20 am
6:21 am
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6:22 am
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so it melts into skin. covering flaws and evening your complexion. so the only one who knows you have makeup on ... is you. dare to be revlon. good morning, you're looking live at the trance america building in san francisco, well the bottom half.
6:25 am
i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist anthony slaughter. we have fog in san jose as well you mentioned. >> yes, the visibility lower in san jose than it is in san francisco, not too often you can say that. this morning temperatures we have clouds across the board so it's acting as a blanket as far as insulation at the surface. 49 in san jose, 50 in sunnyvale. this afternoon expecting to break out to a mix of sup and clouds, a little cooler than yesterday. 61 in san francisco. 66 in redwood city, 66 in livermore and santa teresa. if you're making plans this weekend, go for it. make them outdoors. we're not expecting any rain today and tomorrow. get out and enjoy and root on our 49ers here at home. >> you're wearing your red all right. >> that's right. >> we'll wear our red tomorrow. thank you very much.
6:26 am
new this morning, oakland police are investigating a shooting in which one person was killed and another one injured. the shooting happened around 11:00 last night near the intersection of 23rd street and telegraph avenue not far from the oakland art murmur gallery work. police say the victim died at the scene. another person was hurt in the shooting and taken to a nearby hospital. their condition not known at this time. now as of now, there are no suspects and no motive. now to a developing story in the south bay a search is on for two men who police say beat up an elderly woman in east san jose. we want to warn you the video you're about to see is disturbing. the woman who does not want to share her name did want to share her injuries, two black eye, a broken nose, scrapes on her elbows and upper chest. police say she had been kicked and punched in the head. investigators say the elderly woman and her daughter caught two men trying to break into their car around 2:00 friday morning, when they yelled for them to stop one man chased them into their house and beat up the 74-year-old woman. the woman finally escaped to a neighbor's home. police say the suspects ransacked the home and took off.
6:27 am
witness says the attack is extremely upsetting. >> there were two men, one was beating on her, the other one was saying "don't hurt her, don't hurt her, she's an old lady." but the one who was hitting her wouldn't stop. >> police said the two men tried to break into several cars on the street before reaching the woman's home. coming up this morning on "today in the bay" our complete coverage of the 49ers and their quest for sixens it. we'll take you live to the big easy where the 49ers are gearing up for tomorrow's historic showdown and we'll introduce you to a man who has never missed a super bowl and why he plans on not breaking that perfect attendance streak any time soon. right now the focus is in new orleans but in a few years the super bowl could be here in the bay area. we'll investigate the impact the 49ers new stadium could have an travelers flying to and from san jose international airport. those stories and all the day's news and another look at the forecast coming up at 7:00, right here in 30 minutes, for now, back to the "today" show.
6:28 am
we're back on this saturday morning, february 2, 2013. a great crowd on the plaza looking to celebrate groundhog
6:29 am
day with us. some celebrating a birthday. charles and lauren are celebrating at home. happy birthday to them. i'm erica hill alongside lester holt, tom llamas in for jenna wolfe, roughing it in new orleans, and dylan dreyer. jenna is in new orleans, and all of a sudden her hand grew very large. jenna, we're going to talk to you about -- >> it's not polite to point. >> is there something in the water there? >> she's bothering people. >> we'll check in with jenna in a few minutes. also, a new relationship for taylor swift. not everybody happy about it. >> taylor swift has made a commitment to diet coke. she's just did an endorsement deal, and it has raised tension with critics who say it's not a good message with the obesity problem with young people, young fans. we'll dive into that controversy. and in case you haven't heard, the big game is tomorrow. and all eyes will be on alicia keys as she tackles the "star spangled banner." we'll look at why so many perform verse had a hard time performing the national anthem. and i'm sure it has something to do with all eyes being on them. >> and the fact that it's a
6:30 am
tough song. >> it is a hard one. i never attempt it. >> no. me, either. >> and there's no shortage of ways to predict the super bowl. so we're going to try to see who will win the big game tomorrow. we're going to the animal kingdom for that. they'll weigh in on which team is going to go home with the trophy. we'll have the results in our weekly rewind segment coming up. >> da bears. not even playing this year. sorry. i couldn't help myself. ahead, we're continuing our comfort cooking school this morning. i'm making one of my favorite dishes, one of my favorites because my dad always made it. we're making beef burgundy. get ready to put a little meat on your bones and be warm and cozy this morning. >> our beef bourguignon. >> my dad would say it the french way. first, dylan has a check of the weather. it's beef burgundy weather i think. >> i was going to say the same thing. a day for comfort food. it is cold in new york city. most of the northeast is going to be extremely cold today. in fact, up three minnesota are feeling like we're almost 50 degrees below zero.
6:31 am
we have some snow showers today. located across ohio, moving into west virginia later on this afternoon. there's a chance we could pick up a quick two to four inches of snow. the mountains in west virginia could get closer to three to six. in the rockies, 53 today, and lower 70s in southern california. then heading into sunday, more lake-effect snow. buffalo is getting pummelled. the same off the coast of lake ontario. we're also looking at the chance of a couple of snowflakes falling in the northeast. it shouldn't accumulate that much. cool air works in at the plains. the mild temperatures will be right down in new orleans for the super bowl. temperatures . good morning from the nbc bay area weather center this morning. i'm anthony slaughter. temperatures not too bad, near 50 degrees in many location, a little cooler in our north bay and east bay locations. 42 in livermore, 48 in san francisco right now. we have cloudy conditions overhead for the time being and a little bit of fog but by this afternoon we will see plenty of
6:32 am
sunshine. 66 in redwood city, 66 as well in napa. today groundhog day have a good one, tomorrow hoping for a win for our 49ers and a little bit of fog as we head towards monday. of course, you can get the latest forecast at and i'm sorry -- this just blows my mind. your biological -- you're biological brother and sister -- >> yeah. >> i flew into new york yesterday. this is our first time meeting each other ever. >> and you're already hugging each other. this is really exciting. >> i love him. >> my gosh. amazing story here on the plaza. erica? >> great. thanks. turning now to one of the most popular singers in the world and her controversial endorsement deal. this week, taylor swift announced a new partnership with diet coke. and that is a deal some critics say sets a bad example for her millions of young fans. why? miguel with the story. ♪ she wears short skirts >> reporter: at 23 years old, singing superstar taylor swift is a marketing dream. >> taylor!
6:33 am
>> reporter: the idol's wholesome, squeaky clean image, makes swift a perfect pitchwoman. >> we'll be making it official with one of the great loves of my life -- diet coke. ♪ we are never ever ever getting back together ♪ >> reporter: after inking a major deal with diet coke, some don't buy what she's selling. lori david blogs for the "huffington post." >> frankly, i was horrified that taylor swift made a deal with diet coke. we're in the middle of an obesity epidemic and a diabetes epidemic in america. one in three kids are overweight or obese. and you know, one of the number-one culprits is soda. >> reporter: after signing her deal with diet coke, swift released a short video announcing the joint venture but didn't respond to any criticism. our calls to her reps were not immediately returned. diet coke did, however, release a statement. "an overwhelming majority of people have voiced their support of the new partnership between taylor swift and diet coke, and we are committed to putting
6:34 am
those fans at the forefront of everything we do together." swift certainly isn't the first mega-star to sign with a soft drink company. in the '80s, michael jackson teamed up with pepsi. ♪ you're the pepsi generation >> reporter: more recently, so did pink and britney spears, laying the foundation for beyonce's reported $50 million deal with the cola company. ♪ you belong with me >> reporter: some marketing experts say swift is different. appealing to a younger crowd. >> michael jackson, beyonce, they've never put themselves out there as the positive dream, that you can do it if you try, there's no need to cheat, wholesome attitude and mentality that taylor swift projects. >> reporter: swift may be under fire, but she remains widely popular, giving new meaning to the name "pop princess." ♪ >> reporter: for "today," nbc news, los angeles. up next, speaking of singers, we'll take a look at --
6:35 am
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doing two things at once is better. and only at&t's network lets you talk and surf on your iphone 5. ♪ yep...doh. [ boy ] slurpably fun and a good source of calcium. dads who get it, get go-gurt. before tomorrow's game gets underway, all eyes will be on the field where alicia keys will perform our national anthem. >> it will be the first hoe-profile rendition -- high-profile rendition of the "star spangled banner" since a performance that caused a wee bit of controversy. ♪ and the home of the >> reporter: the "star spangled banner," the big play before the biggage. two weeks after -- big game. two weeks after beyonce's lip-synching controversy --
6:38 am
>> i did not feel comfortable taking a risk. >> reporter: all eyes will be on alicia keys to see if she scores or fumbles. >> the national anthem is a very difficult song to sing. there's a lot of pressure to get it right, and a lot of singers want to make it their own. >> reporter: it may be our national anthem -- ♪ held something something >> reporter: but the "star spangled banner" is often mangled. ♪ banner yet wave ♪ o say >> reporter: christina aguilera flubbed the lyrics during the super bowl. >> she missed an entire verse. >> reporter: michael bolton needed a handy reminder, and roseanne barr reduced the song to ear-splitting screeching. ♪ free >> reporter: frances scott key penned the "star spangled banner" in 1814 as a poem with four verses. more than 100 years later it became our nation's official anthem. now only the first stanza is
6:39 am
sung. >> ramparts? no idea. >> reporter: why is our most patriotic song one of the most difficult to nail? ♪ >> reporter: for one thing, the lyrics are hard to remember. >> the entire song is four sentences long. >> wow. >> tough to remember. as you breathe in the middle of the line, it's tough to remember what you're saying. >> reporter: and as i found out with voice coach -- ♪ o say ♪ by the dawn's >> reporter: the song requires enormous vocal range. i feel like there's screeching. >> you might have to screech and hopefully you'll free it up in a second. ♪ what so proudly we like lly w♪ >> good job. you remembered. >> reporter: sitting a song with a high note and high expectations. ♪ the land of the free >> reporter: for "today," mara schiavocampo. ♪ home of the brave >> dawned on me, we should have
6:40 am
been standing. >> oh, well -- you know, we're going to do our part by not singing for everybody. that's -- >> that's out of respect. for the country and the flag. >> exactly. as we move from singing, hitting rewind social security in the "weekly rewind." a super bowl edition of some of the funniest clips of the past seven days. >> forget the vegas oddsmakers, we're asking the animal kingdom to choose the winner. first up, ozzie the grizzly bear in montana. he was given two bananas pies identical in every way except for one detail -- one had icing with the logo of the baltimore ravens and the other had icing depicting the logo of the 49ers. after careful consideration, ozzie ultimately picked up the cake with the ravens' logo, thereby predictioning a win by the do-not-call -- predicting a win by the tie. why banana pie? it's delicious, obviously. next, a pelican at the asquaurm
6:41 am
aquari -- aquarium. he checked out the helmets and tapped his beak on the one gleaming gold and red declaring the 49ers the winner. you probably thought a bird he would if with the ravens. no. 49ers. >> maybe he likes the shine of the helmet. >> possibly. a good theory. >> all that glitters is gold. >> you never know. now to the tiebreaker to two manatees in sarasota, florida, hugh and buffet. two logos were placed outside their tank. they both swam straight for baltimore. the marine laboratory says buffet has selected the correct team every year for the past five years. hugh has been correct three times during the past five years. which animals are we going with, guys? >> wait, were we keeping score? >> the manatees didn't have their glasses on. >> i love the faces -- they were facing the wrong way. >> it was ravens, two, niners one? the manatee is stinking cute. >> it adds up to 49ers for me. >> yeah? >> yeah. that's a bias.
6:42 am
>> your team. i wonder if people are betting after the segment. they bet on the manatees, it's the ravens. >> one thing i've learn good the human race, people will bet on anything. anything. >> true. i hear you aren't big fans of chicken wings. is this true? >> lester and i are not. >> i am. >> i love chicken wings. >> you can have our wings. >> too messy. too -- >> i love the chicken wings, but -- >> fat and skin. >> unless you can -- >> grosses me out. >> not enough food. >> they're so fun to eat. they're perfect with beer. >> no. i'll take the beer, and i'll take the celery that they come with and the blue cheese dressing. >> celery? okay. all right. >> more wings for you in the end. if you don't like sport, you don't like the super bowl, check out the wing bowl. these guys here, they competed for cash and a new car by showing their intestinal fortitude by eating as many spicy wings as possible. the winner was jamie "the bear" mcdonald of connecticut. he inhaled -- get this -- 287 wings in 30 minutes. >> ew. >> five more than the runner up,
6:43 am
in front of a soldout wells fargo crowd in south philly. check out the names of the people he beat. bam-bam wing-o-lows, bob the robs, and snack jacks. if you do the math, that guy ate 9.5 wings a minute. >> hope to there was an ice cream chaser involved. >> i'm having a hard time processing it. >> so is he. >> didn't the price go up? >> yeah. finally, a big weekend for football fans. a bigger weekend for daisy suddenono and dave pel egrini. they met at the super bowl and are getting married in new orleans. the bride is wearing purple. they will kick off their honeymoon by attending the big game tomorrow. some people like to release doves. i hope to couple doesn't release roichbs becau ravens because tell go straight for the wedding cake. >> and they can honeymoon in san francisco. >> a lovely play to honeymoon. very nice. >> thank you. next, we're heading into the
6:44 am
kitchen for one of my family favorites. beefburg see. a good day for it. inspired by my dad. this is "today" on nbc. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now best foods mayonnaise is just $2.77. so pile it on. pizza is served. digiorno pizza is just $3.88. and here's a treat. dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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6:46 am
this morning, erica is sharing another of her favorite comfort recipes. last week it was mac and cheese. this week we'll do something more sophisticated, beef bourguignon or beef burgundy. why is this a favorite? >> my dad loved to cook for us. me dad pass -- my dad passed away three years, but this was a favorite. my sister and i would come across the country home. this is the wedding shower in atlanta. he bought us a copy of "the new york times'" cookbook. and the recipe in the book was his favorite in the book, beef burgundy or beef bourguignon as he would say it in french.
6:47 am
so in honor of my dad, we're making beef bourguignon this morning -- >> good winter meal. >> good winter meal. >> hearty. >> are you french? >> i do have french in me. i speak french and my sister lives in france. we have a love for all thing french in my family. plus, this has french wine in it so you can't go wrong. which is why we're starting with a glass of wine. me dad would recommend having a glass of something as you're cooking. it can't hurt. there we go. so first start with the meat. the first thing that you'll do -- sorry, i'm giving you the wine. put it down. you want to salt and pepper it. right? on both sides. and one little trick i learned from our good friend, bobby flay. do it high. do it salt. so you salt and pepper this liberally. you do it on both sides. in the interest of time on television, then you take it, put it in a bag with 1/3 cup of flour. >> each cube or a bunch? >>eral at a time or it would take all day. get them in, shake it around, coat them. then what lester's involved in
6:48 am
-- >>s yes, i've been doing. >> cooking bacon in a pet in one of my well-loved pots. after you take the bacon out, the bacon grease, extra olive oil, brown the meat. once it gets brown, take it out. take it out and put it in here. you want to leave some of the juice in here as you take the meat out. that's because we're going to use that to get a little more flavor from the rest of the dish. i'm moving in here, my friend. >> please. i'm too slow. >> i don't know if you're aware of how things work on television when you cook. >> not a 20-minute segment. >> we don't have a lot of time. we take the meat out. you'll take brandy here. >> okay. >> this goes into the pot. and you're going to deglaze the pot. pour it in slowly. and the whole time the brandiy's -- brandy's in there, scrape up the yummy, brown bits. this will take a couple of minutes and will turn into a lovely, creamy concoction as you're getting all these bits together. >> we're putting flour -- >> no. there's a little bit in there from the meat. >> the alcohol smells very
6:49 am
strong. it does burn off? >> it is going to burn off a little. yeah. what we would do then, mix some in with the meat. what we're going do now is -- what would be left in the pan, we would clean up the pan a little. we'll modify it for tv. add butter and olive oil. >> okay. >> then dylan will put the vegetables in. we've got leeks, onions, carrots -- >> what happens to the tomato snaft. >> that's coming after. we'll cook our vegetables for a bit. then add in the tomato paste, okay. >> leeks and garlic? >> leeks and garlic. cook it down until it's soft. we put the meat and bacon back in along with a number of herbs and spices. we have -- >> yeah. >> i used ground cloves, bay leaves, a lot of thyme, a lot of parsley. you'll throw in -- we would put in a whole bottle of wine. and we would put in beef stock. we're going to move down here. in the interests of time, we put these things in, cook it for 20 minutes. throw it in the oven for an hour. you sauté onions and mushrooms.
6:50 am
will you throw the mushrooms in? >> yeah. >> add them at the end. give it a good mix. i'll steal the spoon. voice abeef burgunbua-- voila, . you can make it ahead. i made mine on tuesday and froze it for friends coming over tonight. >> freezing it is okay? >> if freezes beautifully. >> what time should i show up? >> come to dinner at 6:00. my kids have to go bed early. we'll take a test. and you can find the recipes on line along with more about my awesome dad, steve, at coming up, more from new orleans and breakfast. [ male announcer ] there's a story behind the silver
6:51 am
of philadelphia cream cheese. it always begins with fresh, local milk, blended with real wholesome cream. going fresh from the farm, to our fridge, in just six days. when it comes to fresh taste, philadelphia sets the standard. [ woman ] it's perfect. it even fits. that's because... i already had it sized. will you marry me? [ female announcer ] the leo diamond is certified to be visibly brighter at kay, the number-one jewelry store in america. ♪ every kiss begins with kay that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. and coffee is coffee, a quick bite is a quick bite, and play time is play time, because for 24 hours my heartburn is lights out.
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6:53 am
wind. dylan will make me feel bad when i come back for making that up. i come bearing gifts when i come back. lester, you are a jazz lover and a hat lover. i know you like to sneak into jazz clubs late at night and begun noticed and subtle. so no one will notice this. it's a necklace with like -- instruments all over it. >> perfect. >> the hat -- >> i like the hat. >> reporter: dude, you'll be like -- like the man in the -- >> no one will know it's me. >> nice. >> reporter: they may have a clue. >> thank you. >> reporter: erica, for you, i know -- you're a niners fan. you have little boys and they like lego's. i got you lego pieces. really cute. right? >> auntie jenna scoring big points. >> reporter: with 10,000 more, you can make a team with the stadium and everything. i got you started with two. >> thank you. >> reporter: dylan, i know you love weather. but you're so attached to the weather that i -- so passionate about it, that i feel like you should detach yourself a little. so this -- when you're pointing to the map -- will always give
6:54 am
you distance between yourself and whatever you're pointing at. >> that's perfect. glad it's not green. >> reporter: can't get too close. and i know -- 49er fan. real quick, last but not least. tom llamas, are you so conservative and perfectly dressed all the time. we wanted to loosen you up a bit. so you're a ravens fan. i gave you this, and i gave -- if you can wear it on one of your live at 5 shows one time -- >> yeah. i -- that could change my career. >> reporter: take my earpiece out. and this, how about that, tom? >> subtle. >> love it. >> perfect. >> great stuff. thank you for the gifts. have a safe trip back. enjoy the game. tomorrow, we'll get a
6:55 am
right now the focus is on new orleans but in a few years the super bowl could be here in the bay area. we investigate the impact the 49ers new stadium to have on travelers flying to and from san jose. plus you could call him mr. perfect, we'll introduce you to one devoted football player from san francisco who has never missed a super bowl, why he says he doesn't plan on breaking that streak any time soon. "today in the bay" is next. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
6:56 am
6:57 am
of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now best foods mayonnaise is just $2.77. so pile it on. pizza is served. digiorno pizza is just $3.88. and here's a treat. dreyer's ice cream is only $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
6:58 am
good morning to you looking live at is it san francisco? no, it is san jose and it is a foggy start to this saturday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist anthony slaughter who says there's actually lower visibility in the south bay than in san francisco today. >> kind of rare, usually it's at the coast where you see the low fog. we have that across the board, low clouds, fog, all that's going to lift, hang on if you're making plans this weekend it looks good. there you can see our live pick our satellite imagery and radar composite in new orleans. we don't have any clouds to talk about, temperatures there are cool in the 50s, and we'll get you your super bowl forecast in just a bit. here at home we want to start you off with a look at our
6:59 am
satellite image. the clouds blanketing most of california so we are not alone in this cloudy start. we are mild, that's the advantage of having clouds overnight. 42 in gilroy, 49 in san jose. 50 in sunnyvale, 48 in san francisco. once we get into the afternoon hours plenty of sunshine, temperatures not too bad. little cooler yesterday by a couple of degrees. 67 in santa rosa, 64 in san jose and 66 in santa cruz. here it is your super bowl forecast for tomorrow in new orleans, temperatures by kickoff at 65 degrees, 61 by halftime and 58 by the fourth quarter, so very similar to what we see here in the bay, even tomorrow we're expecting a bright day across the bay, we'll get more on your seven-day forecast coming up. and the countdown to kickoff is on. the super bowl now just one day aw away. take a look at this void yes from san francisco overnight, the sky mixed with some slow-lying clouds, all lit up in 49ers red and gold. it was quite a sight to see as 49ers

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